Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Values Quilt

I have swapped several 5 inch charms on SwapBot. I now have quite a selection. Then I recently saw a values quilt that interested me. Hers is very nice with all the designer fabrics. Mine will be much more scrappy with all the swapped charms, which is really the style I am looking for. In the whole stack I don't think there are two identical fabrics. I matched up light and dark values last night. Have a whole stack to sew now.
I found this creepy guy in the stack of swapped charms. I know everyone has different tastes but this guy is just plain creepy. Needless to say he isn't making it into the values quilt. I am even more sad to say he isn't saying in my home.
I just want it to be under 100 for a day or two. Give us some rain or something to cool us off. David of course is rubbing it in, highs in the 70's where he is at.
Cut out the interfacing for Mason's tshirt quilt. And even got the tshirts cut apart so I can work on them tonight. More on that later.
Note on Mason, he is feeling much better. As much as I do not like his surgeon he was right on the money saying it would take two weeks for the extreme pain to go away. Mason is sitting more, more than he probably should. Still packing his open wound twice a day. Now we continue to let this heal and pray it doesn't come back.

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