Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Swamp Cooler

Sometimes it is the little things. You may or may not know what a swamp cooler is. I guess just by chance I do. We lived and worked in Florida for many years and the company I worked at had swamp coolers all over the place. It is basically a self contained air conditioner. You vent it but water generated by the evaporated is contained. A friend of ours heard about our AC and Mason's surgery tomorrow. If the AC isn't fixed by 4pm today, the swamp cooler is coming to live with us.

With two quilt tops stuck waiting to be basted I decided to try something new. I picked up a can of basting spray today. The products have been around forever I just never tried them. Hopefully it will get me over the basting hurdle and get the quilts completed. I should have enough projects to keep me busy during the first few days of Mason's recovery.

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  1. Your quilts are wonderful... ;) Thank you for coming by the blog and marking me as a favorite.. Uhaaaaaaaaa did you notice I have a disappearing nine patch block swap going on?? Still time to sign up :)