Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Hot

The radiant heat from the parking lot originally said it was 108 degrees. The thermometer finally settled on a cool 100 for my drive home Monday. Would hate to know what the temp was in the car. No real relief in sight to the heat. It just doesn't feel right working on warm cozy quilts when it is so miserably hot outside.
I did pull together the band tshirts for Mason's quilt. Working on a plan in my head. The shirts are black, grey, white and maroon. Picked up enough interfacing for the tshirts, if nothing major pops up I will start cutting them tonight.
Update on Mason, he is starting to feel much better. He even sat in the living room last night for about 30 minutes. Yes he sat down, and it wasn't even a lean onto one hip. That is progress. Amazing how we take the little things for granted.


  1. ugh. you're having the same kind of weather we're having. I hate it!! Makes me want to just stay inside and watch tv, which is totally unlike me. I can't wait for fall (or at least cooler temps) so I can get outside again.

  2. Good luck on your next attempt to make a mitt potholder.. I learned you have to draw the shape out on the back of your material... then quilt al the layers then if you have to go back and redraw your shape before you cut it out... I hope this helps when you go to make your next one ;)

  3. We have the opposite here in Australia , it's freezing !