Thursday, March 04, 2010

Red Bandana

The quilt block that almost didn't happen. I went back to Hobby Lobby to pick up 3 inches of the red bandana print fabric. They didn't have any. Panic started setting in. I had visions of taking apart the entire quilt top to make it right with another fabric. Luckily there is another Hobby Lobby by my house, they had plenty of the fabric. Crisis adverted.

Have you ever dealt with someone who always complains how busy they are, but never seems to get anything accomplished? That would be the surgeons nurse. How long does it really take to pick up the phone and schedule a surgery? Wouldn't a surgeons office have the hosptials on speed dial. I spoke with the nurse again yesterday. It will be next week before she even schedules the surgery, which at this point I am guessing will be the last week of March. Mason will miss the last 6 weeks of his high school year. Hoping to have him well enough to sit through graduation.

And a Mason story for my Mom that may entertain the rest of you also. Mason's new car needs tires. David and I both have mentioned several time to Mason to be careful in the rain because his tires are "bald". If you don't know Mason he is a pretty sharp kid, good common sense and articulate. So I mentioned to him again about his tires being "bald" to be careful. And he looks at me and says he just doesn't understand what the problem is why are "balled" tires an issue. I had to explain to him it was "bald" like Grandpa Rex not "balled" like a basketball.

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  1. Ha, this is like my 36-yr old daughter asking why tires need to be rotated. She said "Don't they always rotate?" Gotta love 'em. xo,