Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Office Birthday

Another birthday at the office. Guys are extremely hard for me to make something for. I did good and avoided the Disney Characters. At least I know everyone is getting towels this year and I don't have to stress over what to make.
I really do love that pig.

The bathroom is starting to come back together. We are behind at least a day in painting. David should be able to get a coat of primer on today while I am at work. Mason says his bathroom looks like a prison. I hope when it is done it will be the best looking bathroom in the house but it looks pretty rough today.

The visit with Kim's sister went well on Saturday. Long trip to Nashville and back but neither one of the girls caused drama. Her baby is adorable. Little chunky cheeks. I will have to get one of the photos from Kim. We tried to give the girls their space to talk. I am even more thankful their biological mother made the decision not to be at home when we picked them up and dropped them off.

Mom, I did get extra towels so I could send some your way. I promise not to over do it with the pig.

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  1. The pig is cute, but I really REALLY love that coffee cup. BTW, my first day using my personalized tote (as a purse) and already got a compliment! Thanks again. xo,