Thursday, March 11, 2010


When we bought the antique desk back in January we saw this gossip bench at the antique mall. Last week I got home from work to find it in the garage. Although I bet David was regrets buying it after the all the money that has gone into fixing the water leak since then. It is a really cute piece of furniture. I need to give it a good cleaning and I might just change out the fabric on the bench. Maybe I need an antique phone to sit on it.

Of course Mason looked at it and says "That isn't big enough for me to my homework at". Mason will go on homebound schooling after surgery to finish out his senior year. The kid won't even be able to sit for weeks. Not sure why he thought I would put him at a desk.

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  1. Again, that hubby is a keeper! Adore the desk. What type of fabric do you have in mind for the seat? xo,