Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had intentions of at least embroidering a couple of towels while the homebound teacher was with Mason. That didn't quite work out as planned. Guess it will take us a few weeks to figure this whole process out. Mason's school teachers are basically saying he need to follow their website outlines. Which would be great if Mason had access to the teachers notes, worksheets, bell work, quizes, review questions and tests. So we have his school books and are set out on our own. Just a tad bit frustrating.

As for Mason, he is bleeding quite a bit more today. I usually only pack the wound twice a day but he asked me to repack it after the teacher left this morning. You know it had to be bad because he was asking to be put into excuciating pain again.

Maybe I will get to sew this weekend.


  1. Poor, dear fellow. I hope things improve for him soon. And you too. xo,

  2. Hang in there mom! I'm sending good healing and sewing vibes your way!