Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Change in Plans

So this is what has been occupying my time the past few days. Do you remember me talking about replacing dry wall last week. Right behind what I replaced we had another leak. No I didn't cause the new leak.There is something in our city water system that eats through cooper pipes. I have lost count how many leaks we have gotten in the past four years. The good news is I am getting quite handy at replacing drywall.

Luckily we have a home shield warranty on our house so it is a flat fee to have them fix the leak. However this one is gonna cost me. The leak was behind the vanity, four inches before the main shut off to the house. The simple leak has turned into a bathroom remodel. I need to get the mirror down and wait a few days for everything to dry before I start work.

Tub, toilet and tile will have to wait until after Mason's surgery, everything else goes. This is his bathroom and really needs to use it in the weeks following surgery. So crunch time to get everything else back in place and a somewhat sterile environment.

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  1. Ugh, sorry about this diversion. I know you'd much rather be sewing/embroidering. Hope it all goes smoothing and is done soon! xo,