Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fun

I would say I have the day off work but more like I didn't go to the office today. I have done more work today at home than I did all week at the office.
The bathroom at its worst. I don't mind trying any thing once but I will never take down a mirror from a wall again. That was one scary undertaking. I had the popcorn ceiling scraped by 7am this morning. Amazing how David somehow disappeared to Walmart and ended up doing it by myself.
We are going to visit Kim's oldest sister and her new baby on Saturday. I found a premade fleece baby blanket at JoAnns for a dollar. I embroidered a few other things but this one is my favorite. Well anything Disney would be my favorite.
Sorry Michele L. this isn't for you. It is for a swap partner.
This one is for the other partner.
I am in the process of working on the black and white quilt. Turned some of the scraps into a dog leash for one of the ladies at work. I thought a black and white leash would be appropriate for a Dalmatian.

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  1. You are SO talented and diverse. Your machine embroideries turn out SO great! And what a terrific present for a Dalmatian. Would love to see a pic of it on the doggie! xo,