Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rain-Rain Go Away

I have had enough of the rain. Yesterday was the first day in 7 days it didn't rain. Notice I didn't say it was sunny, it just didn't rain. Luckily David got the lawn mowed. The thunderstorms rolled back in around 3am this morning. Thunder, lightning and a knock on our bedroom door. A teenager scared of the storm. Note: I am not the most pleasant person at 4am when I know I have to get up at 4:30 and you just stole the last 30 minutes of sleep I could get. This is the pattern I used to make Kim's pink dress this weekend. McCall pattern M5039. It was very simple. The only thing I would caution is there is a zipper under the arm. Which works out great to be an inconspicuous place. So if your zipper skills aren't the greatest it can be hid easily. The zipper does give the dress a great fit so it is well worth the little effort. Not much fabric and you can use a nice cotton print. Great summer dress. Of course I left all the fru-fru trim off the dress, Kim would have removed it anyway. Lucky to get her in a dress at all.

David leaves for Washington state this weekend. Only gone a week this trip. Need to work on my project list for the weekend. See how much I can get done inside since I know it will be too soggy to be outside.

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