Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sun Loving Day

I forgot to show you the red, white and black scrap quilt I finished a couple weeks ago. It is from the left overs from the quilts for my Mom and sister. It really needed a good sunny day to get a photo. And today was that day.
Just a small strip of white on the backing.
Of course my little sunshine had to get in the photo.
When it was time to go in she just dropped to the ground and wouldn't move. She was trying her best mind control on me. It didn't work.
Walked up to get her and she rolls over playing dead. David home tonight, hopefully the grass will get mowed so I don't lose the dog in the jungle.
I will have to show you tomorrow what I have been sewing all day. And a note to my Mother: I know you would rather see photos of the two legged kids but they are no where to be found today.

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  1. lol I know those Chi looks all to well ;) Your baby is adorable ;)