Friday, May 08, 2009

No Bones About It

There were no bones in my original sewing plan yesterday.
These are one of Buttercups favorite toys. They fly really well and don't break anything when thrown a little off course. Several of our friends and co-workers have little dogs under 20 pounds. Two have been recently spayed and need some cheering up.
Back to my regularly scheduled crafting.
Plans for the weekend:
Hem Kim's pink dress
Sew Kim's camera case
Quilt and bind Red, White and Black scrap quilt
Redesign the green tshirt
Button holes and buttons on the Tropical Twist shirt
Sew cover for David's stereo
Denim scrap rug
White hexagons
Any one want to guess how many projects I complete this weekend? Will I complete my list? Will I get distracted on other projects?

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