Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

I decided to hold off working on the scrap denim rug and play with some of the fabric I had bought recently. The kids were great about letting me have my Mother's Day all to myself. I did watch a movie with Kim. But they kept the drama to a minimum. Turned a couple yards of pink pigs into 10 burp cloths and 10 bibs. Need to buy more snaps but they are totally done.
Had a half yard left over after making my tank top last weekend. Got 4 burp cloths and 3 bibs out of it. Soft flowery knit and flannel on the back make these really snuggly.
And even worked on my hexs some. Am guessing I need another 60 white hexs to finish this. But mad some great progress. My list for the weekend was almost totally wiped out. Funny how more things just get added to the list when I am not looking.

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