Friday, January 09, 2009

Working for the Weekend

Lately it seems I am working all week just to get to the weekend. Things have been hectic with year end. So I decided to actually leave work at 5pm last night, give myself a few extra minutes to stop by the fabric store. As usual it didn't quite work out that way. I got stuck in traffic due to a car that flipped on its roof. How on earth does someone flip a car on a dry, four lane, straight, 40 mph road? I did pop into the store and pick up these fabrics. Now I have to go the store by my office and pick up the other two coorinating fabrics. I was perfectly fine until I was laying in bed last night and had this great idea of what I actually wanted to do. I will sketch it out while on a conference call today and if all goes well it will be done by Monday.
Do you remember the daffodil bags I was making before Christmas? Mine arrived from my swap partner. It is tiny. A very cute tiny. I knew I made mine bigger but had no idea how big from the origianal pattern. I would guess 6 or more of these little guys would fit in my bag.
And I forgot to take photos of the cute veggie and friut charms (5x5 fabric) that one of my other swap partners sent me. I see a few pot holders in the future. Note: I have given up on the oven mitts. I just can't get the size right.

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