Monday, January 19, 2009

Wishful Thinking

My previous post got me to wondering how many projects I actually having going right now. Considering I just had a long discussion with Kim about finishing things she started I guess I had better take a quick inventory.

Donuts- 1 failure, 1 done, 10 in half done, but I was working on them yesterday
Jumbo strawberries- just need to add the seeds, I sewed the stems on them yesterday
3 Baby bibs- need to add snaps, I just quilted them yesterday
Pigs- 1 done, finished the one yesterday, at least two more in the near future
Love is in the Air Quilt- top 1/3 completed, yikes haven't really touched in over a week
Bears- pattern bought, need to take inventory of the eyes and noses I already own
Pot holders- not started, this doesn't actually count. This is something I haven't started and didn't purchase anything specific for this.

I guess this is my working list for tonight. I promise not to start another project until 3 of these are completed.

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