Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Night

My long day turned into a long night. Buttercup's tummy looks horrible. I guess if you are a 50 pound dog they have to make a 4 inch incision to do the surgery. Unfortunately when you are less than 5 pounds they have to make the same 4 inch incision to do the same surgery. We knew having a tiny dog would have its challenges at time. Reminds me of the old Senfield episode where they had to get special tiny surgical instuments to save the squirrel. If you are a Senfield fan you know what I am talking about.
Then of course having her two baby teeth pulled doesn't make her overly thrilled to eat anything. She stayed in my arms all evening and then slept on David last night. The two were dozing when I left for work this morning. Can anyone say spoiled rotten?

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