Friday, January 30, 2009

Bears, Oh My!

The medium and large bear are done. Actually I would like to sew a little red heart patch to both their butts but otherwise they are done.

I might make a few more of these but use some of the fur I have laying around from moster makings. We will see how the weekend goes. The good news is I got ran out of the living room last night by Smallville. It is one of those shows I can't stand to stay in the same room when it is on. Just way too far fetched for me. I made some cutting and sewing progress on my Love is in the Air quilt. The top should be done this weekend.

Mason got his braces off yesterday. His smile is so pretty. Two years and almost $6000 it should be pretty. Ordered his retainers. He is getting blue with a cobra snake on it. How weird is that. I don't think I would want a snake in my mouth. Will end up putting a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth. He told me I could get a photo and I forgot. Maybe he will smile pretty for me this weekend. Wow he sure is growing up fast. We have a visit planned to UT Martin next week. And he takes the ACT next weekend.

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