Monday, January 26, 2009

My Progress

Bears - One for Buttercup done, two waiting for nose, eyes and stuffing, I still have fleece for at least 6-7 more
Pigs - 7 ready for stuffing and ears, 1/2 yard of fleece made 7 pigs
Sakura Bag - this doesn't have to be shipped until Feburary 15th, why finish it too early.
Camera strap cover - didn't do anything with this, got too caught up in toy making
Pot holders - still a pipe dream for me
Love is in the Air quilt - All the pieces are cut and sewn except for the white borders. Well I did actually cut all the white borders. Then realized I made them too big. I was too frustrated with myself to go back and cut them the right size.

I did get all the information I need to do drops for The Toy Society. Hope to drop a pig or bear around town to be rescued.

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