Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sewing for Fun

I did get up early Friday morning to go to Joanns. But not early enough. I was there by 6:30am and the $59 Cricut machines were gone. Probably for the best, I spent my money on flannel and thread instead. Spent $40 and my receipt says I saved $111 on my purchase. The Disney print flannel was not on sale but I had a coupon at Hancock Fabrics.
I put together a pair of lounge pants for a co-workers son. Had to add a little tag to the back so he could figure out which way to wear them.
I need more 4 day weekends. Now that the tunics are done I can spend some time sewing for fun.

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  1. I actually did some black friday shopping as well. Got LOTS of yarn. I'm totally stoked.