Sunday, November 07, 2010

On Break

David is on a conference call in the room next to my craft room. So I had to take a break. I finished 25 scarves Saturday morning. I think I refound both my mo and jo that went missing last week. The red and pink floral is my favorite. The scarves are all different sizes. Mainly 12x60 inches and 30x30 inches.
The animal print on the far left is one I will wear to work frequently. Just serge the edges and fray check on the corners. Very simple.
I did finish my mini quilt for my swap partner also. She collects Santas so what better mini quilt than an appliqued Santa.
And as I found my mojo again I was curious of where the term actually came from. According to Merriam Websters:
Definition of MOJO
: a magic spell, hex, or charm; broadly : magical power
Might as well grab some lunch now while I have a break.

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  1. Good lord, you did get your mojo back. In spades!