Monday, November 22, 2010


I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into my sewing room. This was before I started with all the projects. The two tins are buttons from my Mom and Grandmother. I need to find a purpose for the tiny buttons I don't normally use.
I am a little late with the microwaved potato bags. I think they were all the crazy a couple years ago. The serger made quick work of it. I haven't tried cooking with it yet.
And more embroidered towels.
And more towels. 35 to be exact.
And the first of 8 tunics for the seniors dance group. Again the serger made quick work of it. I love the way it finishes off seams on knits. They still have a little give but are sturdy.
Not a bad weekend of sewing considering I was down and out with another migraine Friday night and all of Saturday. I will schedule an appointment with my doctor as soon as the holiday is over not sure how many more days like that I can handle.

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