Monday, November 29, 2010

Retraining - Serger Thread Tails

After spending hours sewing the dance tunics this weekend I am even more in love with my serger. It was such an odd concept to retrain myself on almost everything I knew about sewing. No longer having a bobbin and no back stitching were the hardest things to get into my head. But now that I have embraced the retraining it is a snap.

I have been using fray check on the threads when I make the scarves but that really wasn't an option for me on the blankets that were going to get alot of use and frequent washing.

There are several tutorials out there that show these steps but my flannel is so much more fun to look at.
Leave a long thread tail at the end of serging.
Thread it into a large eye, long needle. I have a set of doll needles I use.
Pull the needle and thread through the serged seam.
And it buries the thread so it doesn't unravel.

Snip off the remainder of the thread and it is all hidden.

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