Friday, November 05, 2010


Going green is all the craze right now. Somehow I ran across Furoshiki. I was probably looking for something Japanese for Mason and found this site explaining furoshiki. The Japan Ministry of Environment even came up with this graphic to show its uses. If you are a more visual person try searching YouTube for "furoshiki wrapping". My favorite video is this one on tipnut, scroll down towards the bottom for the video. There is even a really cool book called Wrapigami. With the holidays coming up I think it is a great way to stash bust some fabric. I love how they turn it into a shoulder bag. It is quite simply just fabric. If the fabric is woven and has a pattern on both sides I would just hem. Or in my case I will just serge it. Or layer two fabrics together for a double sided reversible furoshiki. I really think any stable fabric would work.
My plan for the weekend is to start and complete a mini quilt for a partner on swapbot. Serge the scarves. I have 8 fabrics and can make at least 3 from each. Guess I had better get busy on that. Make at least one furoshiki, how hard can that be. Put lining in the Christmas stockings for a co-worker.
Got to get that all done because someone asked me today if I would make 8 tunics for an senior citizen dance team. She is getting me more details before I totally commit to it.

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  1. Furoshiki are such a neat idea and, as you say, so easy to make and use! I overlock the ones I make as it gives a contrasting edging and less bulky corners. I’ve posted some ways I use my furoshiki as reusable gift wrap and to make different styles of bag at Hope yours go well - sounds like you've got a busy weekend!