Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have a few new works in progress. Did I finish anything before I started these? Opps, I can't remember. Wait, I did finish the citrus colored quilt. That justifies starting three new projects doesn't it? I do have a nice 4 day weekend at home that I should be able to get some thing marked off my list. I took the remaining cat fabric and made small square pot holders. I still need to slip stitch the opening. And maybe add a little quilting to them.
Cut out the fabric for a pair of test oven mitts. Hopefully these will fit an adult not an elf. The stripped green is the lining.
And I picked up these fabrics yesterday at lunchtime. I think I still need one more fabric that is a white with red and black. Then I can start on my project.

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  1. The oven mitts and pot holders are cute! I really love the cat fabric!