Friday, November 07, 2008

Snowmen and Monster Fur

I have two of these snowmen panels. One is becoming a table runner. This one I decided to follow their directions and turn into a dish towel. It gave me the chance to use the decorative edging on the new sewing machine. It didn't turn out too awful. I would have throught it through and gotten the corners a little more aligned but it will do. You know how you buy a new cell phone with all those cool features but all you do is make phone calls. The new sewing machine is like that. It has all these really cool stitches that I will probably never use.
This is the fur for the monster. The black is very black if you can't tell. I am thinking a black monster with pink lips and eyebrows. I fondled all the fur in the store yesterday before picking this out because it has a great silky soft touch to it.

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