Monday, December 01, 2008

Long Weekend

I am trying to figure out how to get a 4 day weekend every week. I would settle for 3 days but 4 would be awesome. I finished a bunch of projects over the weekend but unfortunately got a shipping happy and sent things out without taking photos. The one quilt I wanted to get quilted didn't happen. Somehow I hurt my shoulder and any extra movement is just too painful to deal with. Sewing straight lines wasn't too bad. So I threw together a bunch of scraps from recent projects to create this quilt top for a doll size quilt.
One of my online friends sent me a package of charms all in these great fall colors. They are so NOT my style but I do know someone that this is perfect match. Again sewing straight lines wasn't too bad.
Kim got the tree up and lights on it. But it isn't decorated. Again the reaching part is just too painful. Mason and Kim assembled a gingerbread house but haven't decorated it yet. Hopefully photos coming soon.

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