Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cats, No Dogs

We had to pick up David's truck from the shop yesterday afternoon, so I got off work early. It was nice not driving home in the dark for a change. I had extra time at the house to work on a few projects.
I joined a Christmas Stocking swap. My partner likes cats. This was an obvious choice for a Christmas stocking. I love the very non-traditional Christmas colors.
If anyone knows a five year old that likes to cook and likes cats just let me know.
With the left over fabric I decided to attempt a pattern that came on a package of Insul-Bright. First let me explain Insul-Bright. It is an insulated batting for home sewers, has a reflective layer that can be used for oven mitts, pot holder, caserole covers, etc. Of course the pattern directions said to enlarge but didn't say how big. So I didn't enlarge at all, big mistake. You must be 5 years old or younger to use this oven mitt. Back to the drawing board. Once I get the size bigger I think they will be a great project.

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