Monday, November 24, 2008

Power Company

My husband keeps the house freezing cold all year long. I have just learned to dress in layers around the house, complaining doesn't help. Although I do draw the line of wearing hat and gloves but have been known to have to do it on occasion. The dog is probably the only thing that has saved me from completely turning into an icecube. David can't stand to see the dog shiver. And it is actually pretty pitiful when she hops from rug to rug in the house so she doesn't have to touch the cold tile. Imagine how cold it really is when you are 6 inches off the ground. Anyway the power bill arrived over the weekend. David was livid. He swears the bill was double what it should be. Well he was right. The meter reader read it read it wrong. A whole 1000 kilowatts wrong. There is no way the second dial is a six. The power company is supposed to send someone back out today to read it again. We will see if that actually happens.

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