Sunday, July 11, 2010

Real Life

Seems like I have had too much real life going on lately to do any sewing. David ended up seeing an orthopedic surgeon last week. Will try a nerve block into his pelvic bone this week. Hope to get him back to walking soon. Mason scheduled for round 3 of surgery for his pilonidal cyst. Have plastic surgeon and colon/rectal surgeon doing a joint procedure. This time he will remain in the hosptial for at least two days. Have to squeeze in bloodwork, ortho followup and eye appointment in the next 10 days before surgery.
My embroidery swap partner sent me this lovely piece of artwork. She is very talented.
Threw together a cover for David's icepack. What a perfect use for the penguin fabric that has been sitting around forever. Someone sent it to me quite a while ago. I think I need to embroider a something on it.
The fabric underneath it is for another robe for Mason. He liked the style of the flannel robe I made him but he wanted a different feeling fabric. I forced him into the fabric store and he picked out some fabulous silk fabric for $16/yd. That didn't happen. We settled on this satin. Now just to finish it before he heads in for surgery.
My embroidery partner also sent me a felt needle book and some varigated floss. Which is way too funny since yesterday I was hand embroidering with varigaed floss. A photo of that coming soon.
A few fabric scraps from another swap partner. I can't wait to dive into these and do a little applique.

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