Friday, July 16, 2010

Ending the Week

Ending my week on a high note. David thought the paperweights were a great idea. He wants one with a photo of Mason for his mother. So I finally had a chance to run back to Hobby Lobby today at lunchtime. The full aisle of 4th of July merchandise had been reduced to just a few items. A moment of panic turned into excitement. 90% off!! I cleaned them out, bought all 22 of them for a $1 each.
Not too bad at all. I need at least 14 for my office for Christmas. I think I may stop by the location by my house on the way home and see if they have any more. That will give me spares for David's office.
Priority sewing this weekend is Mason's robe. Got to have it finished to take to the hospital on Thursday.
**Don't you love our 9.25% sales tax. We don't have state income taxes but they sure get us everywhere else.


  1. Whoa...what a deal and a great surprise...hope you find more!

  2. That is a fantastic deal! Go you!