Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Project?

Do I need another project?
Heavy glass paper weight as purchased. Not that I am not patriotic but I really think I can improve on this. It was the 80% off that really caught my attention.
I bought one to see if I could easily remove the design from the bottom. Not a problem, 20 seconds or less it was off. See the price $9.99.
All cleaned with a tiny bit of finger nail action. They were only glued with a mild sticker like adhesive on the outside ring.
They would be really cool with any fabric or decorative paper behind them but I am thinking about embroidering with names. 80% off makes them only $2 each. In my head are Christmas and birthday presents. What do you think? Good investment for $2? Should I wait and see if they down in price? I didn't see crowds of people in line to buy them. On the plus side I do have 5 months to finish them as Christmas gifts.
I just looked on similar paperweights with decorative paper are selling for $10-16.


  1. Fabulous idea...consider it stolen by me now!

  2. Wow! What a cool idea, methinks I should try it and you should buy a ton more of those for sure!!!!! :D

    Also, I found my way here via swapbot and my userid there is angeldiva

    I'm your partner in the Blogger swap and I'm now following you Muhahahahahaha!!!!

    Wait.....that didn't sound creepy or anything did it? LOL