Saturday, July 24, 2010


Kim is grounded until the end of time. For part of her punishment I have her watching over Mason so I can have a few moments of my life back.

Want to have some fun? Check out these blogs. Alexandra and Julia's blog has some great no cost craft ideas. The milk carton wallet is on my list now.


  1. LOL! I feel ya girl. Hang in there. Teenagers are so...interesting.

  2. I hope Mason gets better really soon! I am not looking forward to when my kids become teenagers. lol


  3. Hi, Rochelle Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and I appreciate the fact that you've mentioned it in this post. Thank you, thank you thank you.

  4. Beautiful embroidery! Towels and keychains and totebags, oh my! Also just became a follower of Alexandra and Julia - days before the swap! And I agree with kayleena above, the days of teenagers are looming too soon (mine are only 4 and 6 and I'm already scared).
    'M for Short' on swapbot - will be posting all blogs I visit shortly.

  5. OMG I don't miss the teen years. Although, I must have blinked because I didn't have much problem with mine...although it is only the two of us. :D

    You seem to be a great Mom. My prayers are going for Mason to heal, and for Kim and her energy.