Monday, November 16, 2009

Sewing for Fun

I thought I would actually sew for fun yesterday. I had bought the hooks several months ago to make Buttercup some custom dog leashes. This one is from left over binding scraps from a quilt, a dog and cat quilt to be exact. Think I will have to find another fun fabric to make another one for her.

Still trying to work out the details of the custom sewing order in my head. I will just have to keep you guessing on that.

More thoughts from the craft fair Saturday. Spent some time talking to a sister and sister-in-law team that does embroidery. All their items were commercially made and just monogramed. They had the large insulated tumblers (no lid) one letter embroidered on the fabric for $18. I wouldn't pay that price for one and  they were selling like crazy. Woman in the booth next to me bought three of them. Very interesting.

1 comment:

  1. The leash is cool! I likes it.

    I wish I had a dog to make something like that for... alas, no room for pup in the small NYC apartment.