Friday, November 20, 2009

Custom Order Finished

Do you ever have a project you dread working on? I was kicking myself all week for commiting to a custom order that I knew I didn't have time to sew this week. I could feel the weight lift off my shoulders when I finished this last night. Funny thing is I had it so designed out in my head it took me less than 30 minutes to make. I have about 5 minutes left of sewing some reinforcements tonight (ran out of dark brown thread) but it is done.

It is a doggie sling. My dog unfortunately was curled up on the sofa and wanted nothing to do with getting a picture taken. The stuffed doggie is our dog's "baby" which is bigger than she is.

The beginning of the story. A woman at the craft fair last weekend asked if I had any baby slings. I told her no, laughed and told her my husband wanted me to make a doggie sling for our dog. She laughed right back at me, she wanted the sling for her dog. Her dog likes to go on walks with her but is getting older and can't keep the entire distance. She wants to be able to carry her dog safely and continue her walk. The strap is adjustable so the dog can be held snuggly to her chest.

I am almost hoping she doesn't come to the craft fair tomorrow to pickup. I really want to keep this for Buttercup.

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