Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Craft Fair Inventory

I probably won't make another big sewing push before the craft fairs. I might add a couple items in smaller quanitites if I have time and the creative urge hits me. But it is looking doubtful. First craft fair in 10 days. Remember I am doing this booth with a friend. She has other inventory primarily beaded pens and journals.

So right now my inventory for the craft fairs is:
59 Bibs and burp cloth matching sets
28 individual bibs
29 individual burp cloths
23 tote bags (I do have two more cut, maybe 30 minutes of sewing to finish them)
412 fleece hanger covers
73 cosmetic bags

My first merchandising thought is a coat rack (tree) to hold some of the tote bags. It will give me height at the booth. I don't own one so finding an affordable solution should be interesting. Second thought is to hang them off the front side of the display tables. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. My first thought as I read this list is not suitable for public posting, but the acronym was "HFS." That amazing. As I've watched your piles build, I've continued to be amazed. A coat rack is a great idea - try your local antique/flea market for one with personality. Hanging them off the front could have its pros and cons - on the one hand, right out there and visible; on the other, they may get caught on passers-by/browsers.

    Best of luck!!

  2. I agree that out-front is not the best idea.
    Go for heighth at eye level.I have some dowels
    for you...could tie some bibs on. Unsure how to
    anchor them.

    Send pics,

  3. Finally, but I do not know what I did?