Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft Fair #1 Wrap Up

I forgot to take photos of the booth. But my friend did get some and promised to send them to me. Foot traffic at the craft fair was down from previous years. I went as a shopper to this fair 3 years ago and barely had room to breathe. This year there was never a time when we were busy. We did make our money back for the booth fees and even made a decent profit. The biggest seller for me was the hanger covers, now affectionately called Hanger Hugs. One lady even came to the booth because a friend called her and told her about the hanger covers.

My friend sells paper covered journals, her smaller sizes sold very well. I talked to several of the other vendor and their sales were down considerably compared to other years. One shared her booth with her mother and neither made their booth fees back.

I love chatting up with people. It did help draw the people in and keep me entertained most of the day also. Got invited to a quilting guild. Met a lady that crochets shoulder sized tote bags from recycled plastic bags. Couple fun suggestions... Adult sized bibs, fleece seat belt covers. I did get a custom order, more about that later in the week.

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