Monday, November 02, 2009

Fleece Fuzz

First before I forget again. The brown fabric I used on the backing of these bibs is called Minky. Not sure if there is a more technical name or not. But if you go into any fabric store and ask for minky they will point you in the right direction. The dog fabric came from a Swapbot swap, not sure where my partner got it from.

I don't usually think about cleaning my sewing machine until it starts making noises or becomes uncooperative. Something made me dive into the depths of my machine yesterday. Not the best photo but fleece fuzz was growing pretty heavily inside.

This is how much fleece fuzz I removed. The bobbin in there for size reference. Guess I am glad I thought to look before I had problems.

And this is what happens when you sew more than you should. The table becomes empty. What a nice sight to see but my shoulder is not so happy with me today. I need to spend this week thinking about how to merchandise the items for the craft fairs. Craft fairs are scheduled for the 14th and 21st, I may be regretting the back to back weekends.

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