Monday, September 20, 2010


I would like to say I am 100% moved into the new craft room but it is really more like 90% done.
Love the light in this room. But I am going to need curtains before next summer arrives. I can see it being too bright at times.
The closets need to be reodne and have the Closetmaid orgainizers put in like I did in the other closets in the house. For now I can stash stuff in there and close the doors. Plus a little sliver of wall space to put one of my paper racks on.
I also gained another shelving unit during the move. Nice to spread out and not have the shelves so stuffed. At some point I will go back and organize things. Just had to get them off the floor for now. And on the far right there is the 2nd paper rack my father in law made me. Nice to have all my cardstock in the same room with me again.
Brought up two tables from the garage to work on.
I still have some things tucked away in our master bedroom closet and under our bed. Hope to get everything contained into this room. Will sure make things easier when working on a project.

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