Sunday, September 05, 2010


More fabric covered folders. The pattern and instructions can be found at Studio E Fabrics. The little frog case is a business card case.
And an exra one for an Aunt that likes frogs.
More fabric covered folders. Quite DNA-ish.
One final folder.
This one for a woman at my office.
I have a folder on my computer labeled More Projects. I save things there that I would try when I have time. Today I had some time. The business card case came from there. And I have another project I will show you tomorrow. Just one more day left of the long weekend. So far it has been more than I could have hoped for.


  1. You are amazingly prolific! You really got your mojo working this weekend...fabulous projects you have going there. Can't find the file folder info at the link site; where on the site can I find it? Enjoy your one more day off! xo,

  2. Found it (I think), the "Enchantment" envelope under free projects? (I thought it was a blouse pattern; silly me. :)