Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Which Direction?

Not sure which direction to go with the denim blanket.
Red bandana print fabric?
All different I spy fabrics fabrics?
Ladybug seersucker?
I don't think I have enough of just the lady bug seersucker. I would have to add the coordinating stripes. Or make the blanket smaller.
Or go a completely different direction?


  1. I'm no help! They all look great! I'm wearing a red bandanna shirt today, so maybe that should count as a vote!

  2. Personally I like the stripes and seersucker the best (I'm also jelous that you have fabric with knitting needles and yarn on it).

  3. As a huge denim fan, I lov them all. I have tons of old jeans just crying to be made into a blankie like that. Great job ;D
    Sonyaok from Swapbot still followin

  4. I like them all ,but I love the color red so I pick #one!=)
    carly4peace a swap bot friend!=)

  5. Definitely the bandana-look is superior to all the others, by far.

    it's the simplicity of red and blue. And it's the style: jeans and bandanas go together like a horse and a carriage.

  6. I like the ladybug print, it makes the denim look more like flowers, btw how do you get the fabric in there?