Thursday, May 06, 2010

Page Protectors

I think I might make a trip to Joanns or Hancocks and see what I can find for fabric for the denim circles quilt. I really like the red of the bandana print. But don't like the way the pattern shows. I want to see if I can find another fabric that I just love.
Hopefully this tip will help you if you have an embroidery machine. When I buy an embroidery design I usually print out the color change sheet that goes along with it. I have started storing those sheet in page protectors in a binder. This works really well for applique designs that have a template. I can slide the cut templates in the protector and have them for the next time.


  1. Yeah the red one was the best in my opinion.
    Hopefully you find a nice fabric :)

  2. Great idea, Rochelle, I do that for my quilting patterns, why not embroidery designs as well? Thanks! xo,