Monday, May 24, 2010

Denim Quilt

I made some progress on the demin circle quilt. All 120 circles are sewn together. And I even starte adding in the squares of batting and fabric. I really did like the look of the bandana color but not the pattern. So I found a different red that didn't have such a distinctive pattern to it. I stopped after the first 10 squares were added.
And then worked on these cloth napkins. I have a picnic on Thursday with a group from work. The 8 napkins for Thursday are all done and I even have another 10 hemmed ready to be appliqued.


  1. Great choice on your red fabric. The embroidered letters are great on the napkins. You are SO productive! xo,

  2. THAT is gonna be a really COOL quilt, when it is done!!