Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picnic Perfect

Doesn't the read and white gingham just scream summer picnic. The fabric was thinner than I wanted to make napkins from but the color and pattern was perfect.

See the waffle weave cloth they are sitting on? I bought 2 yards (6 feet) of the fabric. Washed and dried it. Now I have 4 feet. Now I feel bad because I had used some that I didn't prewash and sent it to my sister and mother as some cute towels. I bet they are the size of postage stamps after the first washing. Guess I will have to redeem myself with both of them.


  1. Picnic perfect indeed! You know I was getting away from prewashing fabric because so many of today's "good" fabrics do not run. Bought some "kit" fabric at Walmart and something said to wash it first. So glad I did as the dark colors ran considerably. Lesson learned. xo,

  2. there is nothing more summery to me than red and white gingham!