Sunday, May 02, 2010

Floral Quilt Done

Another birthday at the office on Tuesday. She goes to Aruba for a weeks vacation every year. A tropical beach scene was perfect for her.
I have this jumbo hoop my husband bought me that I had never used. Hard to see but on the side it has 3 seperate locations to attach to the embroidery machine. So you can hoop your project once and keep moving it without re-hooping the fabric. And I finally figured out how to put a space in my lettering. Use the _ underscore. It doesn't actually embroider an underscore it just puts one stitch in the middle to make a space. Glad I finally figured that out.
The floral quilt is done also. The only dry place outside to put the blanket on was the tomato plants, they had been hiding in the garage through the storms. In just under 24 hours we had 5 seperate tornado warnings. Two in the middle of the night. One early Saturday morning and another early this morning. I don't do well without a good night sleep. Good news is we are all fine, have no damage and no flooding, others in the area were not so lucky.
I will show you the full quilt after it arrives at its new home.

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  1. i like the embroidery with the sentence that begins with "flowers" what make is the sawing machine that was used thanks. Beautiful work love it