Monday, April 26, 2010


When I first got my embroidery machine I bought 12 simple floral designs for 7 cents each. Big spender I know. They were good practice to learn how my machine worked. The designs have been sitting in my craft room waiting patiently for some attention. I finally took the time to remove all the little pieces of tear away stabilizer. Not a small task, the stablizer was showing through the white fabric. Hours of tweezing tiny pieces of stabilizer off the back side. Now to decide if I make a table runner or quilt out of them. I think the pink and burgundy are good color choices to go with all of the flowers.

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  1. Thanks Rochelle, I was going to email you and ask what type of stabilizer you use, but you answered it here! I had a design I was doing this weekend that would not turn out. The third time, I tried cutaway stabilizer and it worked. However, I prefer the tear away. Can't wait to see your flower table runner or quilt with these lovely flowers. xo,