Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools Day

I like the open embroidered lettering for Noah. I may have to use that on more quilts. It was a friend from the office first attempt at a quilt. She ran out of time so I finished it for her. I also embroidered a couple hand towels for someone at David's office to give as a wedding shower gifts last night.
Mason's homebound teacher visited again this morning. He turned in some vocabulary words to her from several subjects. After a bit of discussion it dawned on both the teacher and I that writing out vocab words were not the best use of Mason's time. So we told him not to do them anymore. He looks at us very puzzled and wants to know if we are playing an April Fools joke on him. I think he got the point when I told him he could have learned more about Hitler if he made Buttercup a Nazi uniform and taught her to march around the house. I wonder how Mason's life would be different if I had home schooled him all along.
David has squashed my Friday plans. My company takes Good Friday as a holiday and his doesn't. So he went and took a day of vacation. How dare he do that to me. Doesn't he know I had a list.

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  1. Hi! I am here from the swap bot blog swap! So glad I got you as a partner! Love all our gorgeous work. This open letter embroidery is great! I have to learn how to do this!