Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stop Work

Our favorite Chinese Buffet closed for renovations in May. We drove by there last week and they have a Stop Work Order taped to the door. Guessing the rennovations aren't going too well. Which is exactly how my crafting feels right now. Feels like someone issued a stop work order on all crafting in my life.

Although it could just be the heat. Sunday had a heat index of 125 degrees. You know it has been hot when mid 90s sounds cool. Just want to stay indoors and in front of a fan. Hope to get back in the swing of crafting this weekend.

A couple people asked what Kim did to get grounded. And now that four weeks have passed I can talk about it without my blood pressure rising. Mason had just been wheeled into surgery, I stepped into the waiting room and David asked if I wanted something to drink. No sooner did he sit back down and his cell phone rang. Kim had been arrested for shoplifting. Obviously not the first time she had done it with the amount of items her friends and her took. Stupid move and she couldn't have had worse timing.


  1. Wow. I'm sorry to hear about Kim. That's gotta be really hard to deal with. Eesh.

  2. Not cool, but it is pretty common for teenagers. You're a good mom for grounding her butt. She'll remember this and pass it along to her children. Hopefully she learned her lesson and the next life lessons won't involve the law! Hang in there girl!