Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I think all of you out there in blog land are snoozing. All except Colleen that is. The dragon bag is all hers. Colleen I sent you an email to get your address.

Just so all of you don't think I ripped the dragon bag out of Mason's hands. He declined when I offered it to him. As much as he likes dragons, they were his high school mascot. And as much as he loves Japanese culture it just wasn't him.

Joann's was calling my name today at lunchtime. I haven't been there in about a month. Probably right before Mason's surgery. Just felt overwhelmed to even try to coordinate some fabrics. Picked up a fat quarter bundle. I don't have any projects in I am in the middle of right now, just too many in my head I want to start.


  1. Wow - I cannot believe i was the only one not napping! Thanks a million and I am glad your son is doing well.
    The dragon bag will be in good hands! I am gifting it to my godson who loves anything Japanese.

  2. Totally snoozing.

    I hope your godson loves this bag, Colleen!