Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rollercoaster Week

I did a little embroidery but didn't even take photos before I shipped.

Mason's doctor appointment last week concerned me. There was a spot the doctor wanted us to watch closely. My heart just sank, brain started planning the 4th surgery in my head. I didn't even look at his wound for several days. Finally found the courage last night to take a peek. Much to my surprise it all looks really good. Not giving the all clear signal yet but not living with the dread right now.

Joseph, the guy that worked for me that was diagnosed with liver cancer this spring passed away on Wednesday. 43 years old, 17 year old son. It just hits way too close to home. Puts life back into perspective.

My sister's family could use some prayers this week. Her son fell through a roof and landed on a concrete floor. Sounds like he has scared everyone but will recover.

Kim started her senior year of high school this week. Going to be an interesting year. Just trying to keep the ultimate goal in mind... become a productive member of society. It is so odd how her brain is wired.

Headed off with Mason to University of Memphis this morning and then with David tonight to see a Memphis Redbirds game.


  1. bless your heart, you have so much on your plate. can't see how you'd ever find time for crafting, but thankful you do. xo,

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