Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Problem Solved

My embroidery machine had started giving me problems. Got worse at my Mom's house over the weekend, a design I have stitched 10 times before wouldn't come out correctly. When I got home I adjusted the upper thread tension but it still wouldn't stitch quite right. I refused to take it in for service, took out a couple of screws myself but couldn't get the machine apart. Probably was good that I couldn't. I ended up taking some thread and running it back and forth like dental floss. And look what came out of my machine. Problem solved.

Now I can get back to all the projects rolling around in my head.


  1. You can now repair machines too?! You are the bomb! I have my sewing machines lined up in the order I need to get them their routine service. Not in the budget to do right now, but my embroidery machine is first in line! xo,